The terrifying moment an eagle GRABS and tries to fly off with little boy

By admin
13 July 2016

If there's one winged creature you shouldn’t mess with it’s the wedge-tailed eagle, Australia’s largest bird of prey.

This species has a wingspan of up to 2,84 m and their diet include everything from rabbits to lambs. Which means it wouldn’t be impossible for them to catch a small human boy.

And one of them nearly proved it at a birds of prey show held on 6 July in the Alice Springs desert park in Australia’s Northern Territory, where they were on display.

It happened during a demonstration of the eagles’ flying skills, after which they’re supposed to land on a designated spot so people can take pictures.

But then this bird changed its mind. No one expected it to happen, least of all the boy who was wearing a green hoodie. Apparently he’d constantly been pulling the zip of his hoodie up and down during the demonstration.

It’s not clear whether this irritated the bird, but the next moment it hooked its powerful talons into the boy’s hoodie as if it planned to drag him away.

Fortunately the boy suffered only minor, superficial injuries. The eagle wasn’t so lucky though – it won’t be allowed to take part in demonstrations for a while.

The incident is being investigated to determine what caused the “contact with a spectator”: the zip or perhaps the eagle’s preference for green hoodies.

Even gliders aren’t safe when these eagles are in the area.


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