The thought of eating ‘makes Miley nauseous’

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18 June 2015

Miley Cyrus reportedly “doesn’t eat solids” anymore.

The 22-year-old Wrecking Ball singer ended her romance with Patrick Schwarzenegger in April after they dated for a few months.

And it’s claimed the breakup, in addition to all of her hectic professional obligations, has impacted the way she eats.

'She curbs her appetite with smoking'

“Miley just doesn’t eat solids unless she has to and that only happens when she’s home for dinner with the family,” a source told of the singer, who has allegedly lost 7lbs. “She curbs her appetite with smoking, but her desire to eat has vanished completely. She was pretty torn up over Patrick and says the thought of eating makes her feel nauseous.”

Apparently her disinterest in food is causing a lot of concern amongst loved ones.

It’s claimed friends and relatives want desperately for Miley to put on a little bit of weight.

“She’s in real bad shape and the skinniest she’s ever been,” the insider noted.

Miley used to post images of herself eating pizza all the time on her Instagram account.

Recently she’s more prone to sharing pictures of herself snacking on broccoli, corn and other types of vegetables.

And sources claim the star is lucky to get as little as “400 calories a day into her” system.

Miley has previously slammed rumours she suffers an eating disorder.

“I'm neither anorexic nor do I have psychological problems or cut myself. Really, I'm as fit as a fiddle and in a great mood!” she told German magazine Bravo. “I learned that it is irrelevant what I do - somebody will take offense anyway. If I lose a few pounds because I changed my diet, I'm anorexic. When I used to have a few pounds more, I was called fat.

“My doctor diagnosed me with a Gluten intolerance. It is a protein that some people can't digest. [Now I eat] primarily fish, chicken, salad and fruits - and some red meat from time to time. But not fried, only cooked or grilled. And I don't eat white bread, only gluten-free wholewheat bread."

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