The touching reason this teacher wrote over 100 letters to her students

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02 June 2016

It took her two months, but the teacher made sure each of her more than 100 pupils received a hand-written letter in which she tells every single one what makes them special.

It all started when a parent confided in a teacher during a parents’ evening, not knowing that their confession would set off a chain of wonderful events.

Brittni Darras, a teacher in Colorado, USA, was talking to one of the parents, not suspecting what she would hear about the reason for her daughter’s extended absence from school.

“Her daughter – a friendly, intelligent, beautiful, driven, young woman – not only planned to commit suicide, but was in the act of doing so when the police got a Safe 2 Tell report, broke in, and stopped her,” Darras wrote in a Facebook post.

Safe 2 Tell is a Colorado organization where children can report threats, violence and other dangerous situations. In this girl’s case the dangerous situation was her suicide attempt.

“She had deleted her social media accounts and left goodbye letters; she was ready to leave the world,” Darras wrote.

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Darras asked the mother if it would be okay to write a letter to the girl in hospital. The mother said she’d appreciate that.

After reading the letter, the girl turned to her mom and said, “How could somebody say such nice things about me? I didn’t think anybody would miss me if I was gone.”

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Darras says this made her realise that more of her pupils probably needed the same kind of reassurance. So she spent the next two months painstakingly writing a letter by hand to each of her pupils telling them exactly why they’re special and unique.

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“Suicide is growing to be more and more common, and I can’t help but to think that it’s a direct result of the pressure we put on these kids – to be successful, to fit in, to be the best in their class/sport/etc. We need to remember that each human being is unique, and that is what makes them special.

Instead of trying to change it, we need to embrace it, because together, we can make a difference, and we can save lives!” Darras wrote on Facebook.

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Tawnye Kanumuri responded to Darras’ Facebook post with, “Your story touched me so much. I’m so glad you take that time for your students. It may be the only time they get to see their lives through a different perspective.”

Bree Wuthier, one of those who received a letter from Darras, says she was surprised at how much Darras had written. “Usually when people write letters, it’s like one or two sentences… It was just incredible. She has such an eye, like to see things and to actually listen to her students,” Wuthier said to

Brenda Nurre’s comment on Darras’ Facebook was, “You are the type of teacher I wish we had more of in our schools! Speaking from experience when we almost lost our daughter, we as parents were blown away because she never showed any signs of depression, to them we are ‘just the parents’ and our children tend to think that we are old and have never been through what they are going through, or that we tell them how much we love them or how proud of the person that they have become, they think we are ‘required’ to do so. By having other adults they can trust is truly a wonderful blessing. Thank you for making an effort to reach out to all of your students!”

Shocking statistics published by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in America show that 17 percent of all high school pupils in Colorado considered suicide in the last year. Altogether 8 percent of the state’s pupils actually attempted suicide.

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