The unexpected reason this two-year-old called the police emergency number

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09 March 2016

Aaliyah dialled 911 for an emergency of a different kind.

Aaliyah, a toddler from South Carolina, dialled 911 for an emergency of a different kind.

When Greenville County’s emergency centre answered the phone there was a barely audible “hello” on the other end of the line.

The operator couldn’t make head or tail of the conversation but realised it was toddler babbling in his ear. Initially he thought it was a prank but he decided to have the call followed up by the local police anyway.

Martha Lones, the sheriff’s assistant, decided to go investigate.

Aaliyah’s surprised grandfather, who answered the door, couldn’t fathom why the police was calling at their home. Aaliyah’s mom, Pebbles Ryan, had already left for work and he hadn’t realised his granddaughter had phoned anyone, let alone the police.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 15.28.36 At that point Aaliyah cleared up the mystery. She came running towards the friendly assistant with a cheery “hey” – only half-dressed in her trousers. Martha immediately grasped the little girl’s dilemma and had her sit down on a step. She proceeded to help her get her pants on properly and as a bonus also tied her shoelaces. Her reward? A tight hug from the grateful little tot.

Martha says “it was the highlight of my day and I was crazy about it”.

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