The upside of Down syndrome: a tribute to my beautiful sister

By admin
27 July 2017

"If ever there was some purity in this world, she was it."

If ever there was some purity in this world, she was it. Her ocean blue eyes, mesmerizing with overflowing love and joy.

Her crooked smile enough to light up even the darkest of days. Her petite features, her minute little ears, all of which formed a perfectly imperfect human being.

Her skin as soft as daisies, her aura even softer. With a simple touch, she could put an entire whirlwind of negativity into perspective. She is change. She is love. One look, one hug and everything was altered. As small as she was, she made the biggest impact on my life. Something inside of you changes. Your mind broadens over new horizons, life suddenly means so much more.


Everyone she came into contact with was touched deeply. Changed, if you will. Suddenly our complicated rubik's cube lives all align. The epitome of love is right in front of your eyes.

To explain something so pure to a world that is set on right and wrong, is a daunting task. So I’ll tell you a bit more about this Angel.

PHOTO: Supplied PHOTO: Supplied

She is overcome with the simple joys of life. A trip to the beach, a packet of Lays salt & vinegar crisps, is enough to place her in a state of absolute bliss. She requires little, but gives so much. She does not judge, but only loves.

Though others may judge her, though others may ridicule her appearance, her speech, she never lets it become her downfall. Instead, she radiates love to all people. She sees no fault in others, only positivity. A simple smile from her is enough to keep you going in even the most difficult of times. Inspirational is an understatement.

Though society has made it look like a daunting, sometimes impossible task, loving her has been the best thing I’ve ever had to do. Effortless. Each day she brings a new hope inside of my heart. She brings a joy that I had never known before her. I can vouch for a lot of people that I have introduced her to, that their lives have been impacted greatly by her. Sometimes I am asked “How do you do it?” or sometimes I am pitied, but to these people I say “I have been blessed abundantly with her.”

Her button nose, her squinted eyes, her crooked smile, her awkward little walk and her will to be joyful every day is why I believe in miracles.

In this world of constant need to fit in, constant desire to be better, she need not even try. She is perfectly imperfect. Her beauty radiates like a beam of light.

Regardless of what she faces, she overcomes it with ease. Most importantly, with a happy heart. To those that wonder if I would change her for someone normal, no, I would not. I know that I would never have become the person that I am today without her. She has taught me so much.

Empathy, love, acceptance, kindness, patience, among many other things. And for this I am truly grateful.

To the people that love her, no matter what, you are true blessings. Thank you.

I can’t imagine a life without her. How dull would that be? Living with my sister, watching her grow, develop and watching her kindness, faith, love, acceptance never waver, has been an honour.

She has been my biggest lesson in life. No one could have taught me as much as she has. She has taught me so many values. She has stirred my heart in ways I didn’t even know was possible.

If ever I believed in guardian angels, I’m certain she is mine

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