The women 1D have wooed . . .

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18 September 2013

They’ve got the biggest female fan base around the world and are so gorgeous women young and old are guilty of drooling over them!

They’ve got the biggest female fan base around the world and are so gorgeous women young and old are guilty of drooling over the The Kiss You hit-makers! And we’ve got a sneaking suspicion you swoon over the hotties from One Direction too. . . Each member has taken advantage of their heart-throb status by being linked to a beauty (or, for some, several). Whether the relationships were truly boyfriend-girlfriend pairings, hot flings, or simply flirting that turned into wildfire-like rumours, there's no denying the One Direction romances have been filled with drama.

So, who’s really got lucky by hooking up with or dating a member of the hottest boy band of the moment?

Here’s a list ? try not to get too jealous!

1D Member: Harry Styles (19) - Mr Magnetic

Who: Taylor Swift, singer

The most high-profile drama took the form of known 1D Casanova Harry Styles' relationship with Taylor Swift. After several months of long-distance dating, Taylor broke off the romance after supposedly witnessing Harry kissing another girl. Since then, Taylor has admitted her hit I Knew You Were Trouble was written about Harry, while Harry has gone on to call his relationship with Taylor "a pain in the arse".

Who: Cara Delevingne, model

Just before Taylor Swift broke off her romance with Harry, the Lothario attended the Burberry show during last year’s London Fashion Week and gushed about how amazing white-hot, waifish model Cara looked. Harry gave Cara a smooch on camera and later joined her at clubs, which led to dating rumours circulating and death threats sent in the popular model's direction from distraught 1D fans.

Who: Emma Ostilly, American model

While dating Taylor Swift, Harry was seen giving a light smooch to gorgeous American model Emma Ostilly, and many 1D fans and much of the media were convinced Harry had a new girlfriend. Jealous 1D fans were so abusive to Emma after photos surfaced of Harry and her having a night out in New Zealand that Emma immediately deleted her Twitter account.

Who: Caggie Dunlop, British singer-songwriter

Harry reportedly went on several dates with Caggie Dunlop, who’s a mere five years older than the popular 1D star, after first kissing in late 2011. It’s believed they mostly sent flirty texts to each other and had instant chemistry with one another upon going out. Reports have circulated Caggie decided not to take things further because of the age difference, and the pair are just friends.

Who: Kimberly Stewart, reality TV star, model, actress and the daughter of singer Rod Stewart

Earlier this year, news broke that Harry had been hooking up with 34-year-old Kimberly. Harry reportedly has a big crush on Kimberly, who also happens to be a mother, but it's far from the first time the 1D ladies’ man has chased an older woman.

Who: Caroline Flack, British reality TV host

Another beautiful older woman Harry hooked up with was popular host of The Xtra Factor, Caroline, who’s 15 years older than the One Direction heart-throb. Of her relationship with Harry, Caroline has said, "Ninety-five per cent of what was written was false . . . I didn't kill someone, I just went out with someone younger."

Who: Lucy Horobin, radio DJ and older married woman

Harry reportedly wooed radio DJ Lucy Horobin and had an affair with the married woman, also 15 years his senior. The affair eventually led to the end of Horobin's marriage, once Lucy's husband learned his wife had checked into a hotel for a romp with Harry, only to return home and sleep beside her husband a few short hours later.

1D Member: Niall Horan (20) - The Boy Next Door 

Who: Amy Green, college student

Niall had long been the distinctly single member of 1D, but sources told the tabloids late last year he’d found himself a girlfriend in the form of beautiful drama student Amy Green. Even though they hung out frequently and took cute pictures together, Amy has gone on to say they were never actually together. Tabloids, on the other hand, say Niall broke things off because he was too busy to spend enough time with her.

Who: Zoe Whelan, Dublin-born model

Earlier this year, Niall reportedly started secretly dating 18-year-old Zoe, an Irish-born model living in London, after meeting her backstage at a 1D show. When reports broke they were dating, 1D's rabid fans abused Zoe on Twitter and led to her denying the relationship and deleting her account. The next day Niall followed suit in denying a secret romance with her.

Who: Demi Lovato, singer

After being spotted out together after the MTV Video Music Awards last month rumours circulated Niall was in a relationship with pop star Demi Lovato. They supposedly flirted quite a bit and were fond of each other, but they never actually dated.

Who: Freya Mavor, Scottish-born actress

Niall has denied this.

Who: Ellie Goulding, singer-songwriter

He admitted he’s totally crushing on singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding at the moment.

1D member: Liam Payne (20) - Mr Right

Who: Danielle Peazer, British professional dancer and part-time model

Liam and Danielle, who’s five years older than the 1D heart-throb, have had a relationship for a long while, but it’s been a bit on-again, off-again. Reports had circulated Liam had gone so far as considering dropping out of 1D, because he was crazy about Danielle and wanted to be with her all the time. In May this year, the couple broke things off once again, because both would have busy professional lives in the months ahead and a relationship wouldn't be fair to either.

Who: Leona Lewis

He’s admitted she’s his celeb crush but it was also rumoured he was romantically linked to the Bleeding Love singer and 2006 X-Factor winner.

Who: Sophia Smith

She’s his childhood crush and they’re currently dating. They were seen at the premiere of This is Us in London where he confirmed they’re dating.

1D Member: Zayn Malik (20) - The Bad Boy

Who: Rebecca Ferguson, former The X Factor star and pop singer

Zayn once dated Rebecca Ferguson, a mother of two and six years Zayn's senior, after meeting on The X Factor in 2010. After four months together, the couple broke up mutually, saying they’d grown apart.

Who: Perrie Edwards, former The X Factor star and Little Mix singer

Zayn and Perrie started dating back in 2011, after meeting backstage on The X Factor. Rumours of Zayn cheating on Perrie with another woman, Courtney Webb, caused a storm of controversy and put their relationship in danger earlier this year. It was reported Zayn considered leaving 1D during the cheating scandal, but he stayed with the group and Perrie has stayed by his side. Now they’re engaged!


1D Member: Louis Tomlinson (21) - The Joker 

Who: Eleanor Calder, college student and model

Eleanor is a student at the University of Manchester and Louis' long-term girlfriend whom he met through bandmate Harry. She’s often travelled with the group, and the pair are inseparable when they’re together. Since starting to date Louis, Eleanor has become an internet sensation with 1D fans, and she’s become an icon for her impeccable fashion sense.

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