The world's 'hottest felon' in hot water yet again

By Kim Abrahams
26 April 2017

It seems the former jailbird can’t escape his troubled past.

With his piercing blue eyes, chiselled jawline and striking features, Jeremy Meeks earned the title ‘hot felon’ after his mugshot was released by the  Stockton Police Department in 2014.

He had been found guilty of being in the possession of an illegal firearm and was sentenced to 27 months in prison.

In early 2016, Jeremy stepped out of his jail cell and into a modelling career.

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Workin' it

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But it seems the former jailbird can’t escape his troubled past.

Jeremy arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport for the launch of a magazine in which he featured but had to make the lengthy journey back home to New York after being detained by officials.

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According to his manager, Jim Jordan, Jeremy’s papers were in order, but officials simply wouldn’t let him enter the Royal Country. He was allegedly interrogated for four hours, fingerprinted and strip searched before being denied access to the country. “It was his first time in London and he was all excited, it was his big debut,” Jordan said. “He was on the right track for what we feel was going to be his new life. Now he’s very sad. Hopefully, this is just a setback and he will be able to come back from this.”


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