The world’s most-used passwords are actually ridiculous

By Kim Abrahams
18 July 2017

There’s one, in particular, you wouldn’t expect!

With online fraudsters constantly on the prowl, it’s important to keep your digital accounts safely secured with an airtight password.

Research has shown that younger generations have become somewhat lazy when it comes to creating a variety of passwords for their different accounts.

According to a report by the Telegraph, an average person has 26 different logins, which ultimately means you should have a variety of passwords.

But millennials only muster up about five individual passwords, while a quarter of those over 55 manage an estimated 11.

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Having a limited number of different passwords places you at risk of being hacked because it seems it only takes cyber criminals finding one password to gain access to any other account with the same password.

Once hackers have your password and username for one account, they can use software – known as ‘credential stuffers’ – to check if you’ve used that password on other sites.

“Fraudsters enter millions of emails and passwords into this software. Once they click ‘go’, the software starts to build a database of other sites they can access with your information,” says Chris Underhill, chief technical officer at Equiniti, a cyber security firm.

We’re not out to make the job of these ruthless hackers any easier, but rather to warn you against using some of the most commonly used passwords in the world.

Here are the top ten – and there’s one, in particular, you wouldn’t expect!

1. Password

How clever.


2. 123456

Okay, we’re guessing someone loves the numerical order.

3. 12345678

Someone REALLY loves the numerical order.

4. 1234

Hmm, this one seems to love the numerical order a little less.

5. Qwerty

What better than simply looking at your keyboard to remember your complicated password?


6. 12345

Numbers again.

7. Dragon

Each to his own.

8. Pussy

You mean cats, right?


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9. Baseball

Thumbs up for the effort, mate.

10. Football

Perfect to tackle those nasty cyber criminals.


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