The yoga benefit you might not know about

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14 August 2016

Yoga is known for a multitude of health benefits, from making bodies leaner and stronger, to helping clear your mind. It can also increase blood flow, improve bone health and help ease inflammation. We look at the poses that work best on inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the basic tools our immune system has to protect and defend our bodies from bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances and is your body’s natural and helpful response to tissue damage. However sufferers of prolonged inflammation will know how uncomfortable it can be to endure, and chronic inflammation can lead to the development of chronic diseases as well as causing visible signs of ageing. Eating more plant-based foods and whole grains, focusing on gut health and resting and relaxing more can all work well to combat the ailment, as can yoga. Mind Body Green has identified three yoga poses which are the most effective.

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Warrior II pose

Standing with one leg out in front, foot facing forward, bend into the pose. The back leg should be straight with the foot, and parallel to the back of your mat or space. Arms should be raised to shoulder height, with palms facing down. Face should be turned to look over your bended knee in front. Hold the pose for a minute, breathing in and out slowly, before switching sides.

This pose helps increase circulation and respiration.

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Twisted figure 4 pose

Laying on your back with your arms outstretched , start with both legs bent and feet on the ground. Move your right ankle to your left knee, allowing both legs to drop across to the left of your body. Rest the sole of your right foot on the floor as your right knee stays pointed up. Allow your pelvis and lower back to relax as you stretch your hips. Hold for one minute, return to the start position and change sides. This move helps soothe the nervous system.

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Supine Twist

Laying on the ground with arms outstretched, palms facing up, turn your head to face your right shoulder. With bent knees, bring your legs together and lower to the left side. Hold the stretch for one minute, return to the centre and then switch sides.

This pose is good for you digestive health.

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