There are THREE big cats in this photo! Can you see them?

By Kirstin Buick
14 August 2016

What a Kruger sighting! Two lionesses and a leopard in one shady spot.

What a sighting! Two lionesses and a leopard in one shady spot.

A 26-year-old Joburg man captured the incredible moment the three big cats were lazing near each other at the Kruger National Park, close to the Phabeni Gate, on 8 August.

Mike De Beer told YOU he was on a game drive with friends, and pulled over when he noticed three other cars had stopped at the spot. At first, the group had no idea what the other tourists were looking at.

"There were three cars stopped at the sighting, who said there was a leopard in the tree," the keen photographer said.

"We couldn’t see it without binoculars, so I used my camera as a zoom."

But when he'd finally spotted the leopard, something else caught his eye...

"We then noticed two female lions sitting at the bottom of the tree waiting for the leopard. Apparently they were still there from the previous day."

Do you see them? Use the slider below to reveal where the camouflaged cats are hiding. 

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