There is something bizarre about this photo of two people hugging - can you figure it out?

By Saskia Hill
03 June 2016

You might just become really confused after looking at this photo.

If this optical illusion doesn't leave you scratching your head, surely nothing will. In this photo shared by a Reddit user, two people are hugging - and their legs appear intertwined. Is the man being lifted up? Are they hugging in a strange way? Or is it their feet?

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The woman in the photo has her harms around the man’s waist, but the moment you look at their feet you become uncertain about whose feet go with whose body.

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As you can imagine, the photo caused widespread reaction.

“I don't like this; it's messing with me too much,” one user responded. “It's crazy how I understand the picture now, but even still, at a quick glance my brain can't comprehend it,” another said.

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One of the users quickly solved the mystery, for which the man’s pants are to blame. His pants have two colours that blend so perfectly with the woman’s pants it looks as if the white part of his pants belongs to her pants.

You’re welcome – now you can relax.


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