There's an owl hidden in this photo – can you spot him?

By Saskia Hill
09 September 2015

The way he blends into the background is absolutely amazing!

This scops owl might as well be a chameleon in his habitat!

Game ranger Roan Du Plessis took this amazing photo at the Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge, a private wildlife reserve close to the Kruger National Park, where Roan works and lives.

Roan (26) recently took the photo to show visitors how good the wildlife reserve’s tracking systems is when it comes to tracking down animals.

“I would by no means consider myself a professional photographer, but the opportunities for capturing amazing photos are endless because of what I do.”

“I like the composition and colours of the photos and how it demonstrates the potential camouflage of these vulnerable predators,” he says.

He says that he will hopefully be able to take more pictures like this one in future because that is the typical behaviour of the scops owl. “That is, of course, if we can find them,” he adds.

Sources: Caters News Agency,

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