There’s now an app for chatting to someone who’s also sitting on the loo

By Lindsay de Freitas
21 August 2015

According to a survey on mobile phone habits, 75% of people admit to using their cell phones while on the toilet.

So it’s no surprise that there’s now a mobile app specifically for use on the toilet.

"Pooductive lets you chat with local and global friends or strangers, who are on the toilet, anywhere in the world at the same time as you," explains developer Ricardo Gruber on the website. The app allows users to chat to anyone in the world anonymously. "It's a community, made up of people who are all in the same position as you… pardon the pun."

According to Pooductive’s developers, the app wasn’t just designed to help you pass the time. There is a serious message behind the app which slogan reads “for sh*ts and giggles”.

The app developers hope that the app can be geared towards clean water awareness, “We hope to connect Pooductive with some big charities that focus on both clean water and improving hygiene in developing countries.”

Currently the app is only available in the Apple app store.


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