There's something seriously weird going on in this photo! Do you see it?

By Kim Abrahams
03 May 2017

At first glance, it seems like any other ordinary picture of a group of friends during a night on the town.

But take a closer look and you’ll notice something strange: the girl in the front, with the black dress and drink in hand has a rather long arm.

Or so it seems.

Read more: Can you tell how many colours are in this spiral? This optical illusion will leave your head spinning Twitter users were doing some serious double-takes after @_ellebailey shared the picture, along with the caption: ‘My sister’s arm in this club photo looks about 6ft long. I’m crying.’

The tweet quickly gained more than 2500 retweets and had many people muddled.

Fast forward two days and @HORR9R had the answer to all of the confusion.

Let’s break it down:

The girl with the supposed lengthy limb has her drink in one hand, while the other is wrapped around the back of the guy standing next to her.

The smiling brunette on the opposite side of the guy has her one arm folded across her chest, while her other arm is bent in the same direction. But because all three of them are wearing black, it creates the illusion of one oddly long arm.

And there you have it – mystery solved. At least we can rest assured that there’s not a possible new Guinness World Record holder for a freakishly sized body part.


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