'There's still hope for Maddie': detectives

By Almari Wessels
19 April 2016

Nine years, countless headlines and many false trails later – and the search for little Madeleine McCann still isn’t over.

“Maddie”, as the media has often called the blue-eyed British girl, was four when she vanished without a trace while on holiday with her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, in Portugal in 2007. Since then Britain’s top detective unit, Scotland Yard, and her parents have searched tirelessly for answers – how did Maddie disappear from their holiday villa on the Portuguese coast, and what has happened to her since?
Read more: British police in Portugal for Maddie McCann case questioning In October last year the number of investigators at Operation Grange (the name of the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance) shrunk from 29 to four, but the British government has since announced it would fund the search for answers about the little blonde girl’s disappearance for at least another six months.
But the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, recently announced more funds have been made available so the search for Maddie could continue. “There’s always a possibility that we’ll find Madeleine and we hope that we’ll find her alive,” Detective Chief Superintendent Mick Duthie of Scotland Yard told the Evening Standard.

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Read more: Scotland Yard issues identikits of suspect in Maddie McCann’s kidnapping Speaking from the city of Liverpool in England, Maddie’s grandmother, Susan Healy, said, “That’s what we want and that’s what the family and the public want and that’s why the Home Office continue to fund it.”

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On 12 May this year Maddie would 13 years old.

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