These are 2015's worst jobs: is yours on the list?

By admin
16 April 2015

Apparently, it's not a good year to be a newspaper reporter, a cook or a lumberjack...

Job search site Career Cast has released their annual list of the best and worst jobs of the year. According to the site, the list is put together according to “income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands.”

So if their ranking is anything to go by, as TIME put it, this is "great news for people who are good at math."

The Worst Jobs of 2015

1. Newspaper reporter

2. Lumberjack

3. Enlisted military personnel

4. Cook

5. Broadcaster

6. Photojournalist

7. Corrections officer

8. Taxi driver

9. Firefighter

10. Mail carrier

The Best Jobs of 2015

1. Actuary

2. Audiologist

3. Mathematician

4. Statistician

5. Biomedical engineer

6. Data scientist

7. Dental hygienist

8. Software engineer

9. Occupational therapist

10. Computer systems analyst

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