These cousins have exchanged the SAME birthday card for 47 years

By Petrus Malherbe
28 July 2016

On a nondescript day back in 1970, a man bought a birthday card for his cousin for the paltry amount of 25c.

The message in the card read: “Save this card. You can send it to me on my birthday.” And that’s exactly what the cousins did. For the next 47 years.

Reddit user LincolnsLostSpeech recently uploaded a picture of the card to social media, explaining it belonged to her fiancé’s uncle and his cousin. The pair shared the card between them more than 94 times. And now more than 1,5 million people have viewed LincolnsLostSpeech’s original post. Off course this isn’t the first time people have exchanged the same birthday card over and over again.

Brothers Jeff and Ron have also been exchanging the same birthday card for over fourty three years. The two started sending a Peanuts card back in 1973.

“This is the age of Ecology,” reads the front of the card, and on the inside: “Don’t throw this card away, recycle it to a friend.”

Clearly these brothers took this advice to heart!

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