These photos of Gimo the wide-eyed cat will melt your heart

By Joanie Bergh
03 March 2015

Not a single person in YOU HQ has been able to look at these photos without going "Awwww."

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This tiny ball of fur from South Korea has been dubbed the most adorable cat in the world since photos of his extreme cuteness hit the web. Gimo, a Scottish Fold, has become a social media star after his owner created an Instagram account for him.

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Thanks to his enchanting orbs, people have likened the adorable feline to an owl, a tribble (a furry alien creatures from Star Trek) and even to the little black balls-of-fluff "sootballs" in Miyazaki's Spirited Away animated film. In some of the sweet snaps and videos, Gimo is hiding in a box, playing with his pals or preparing to pounce.

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But no matter what he's doing, the fuzz ball still has that wide-eyed look on his sweet face. Whether he's surprised, afraid or just aware of how darn cute he looks is anybody's guess.

A photo posted by bellcat (@1room1cat) on

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