These two selfies – taken two years apart – have something seriously creepy in common

By admin
21 June 2016

Do you see it?

Three girl-friends, amped for their wonderful trip, recently snapped a selfie before their plane took off.

Sharon Haak, Samantha Shield and Elaine Dixon were very excited about their holiday in Spain, just like the one Sharon and Samantha had shared two years prior.

The only difference is that last time the third person was Lynne Collinis, who sadly passed away last year. The threesome, from Newcastle in England, weren’t prepared for what the selfies of the previous vacation and this vacation would reveal. Read more: ‘I’ll always be watching you!’ Man finds creepy 15-year-old message hidden inside his fireplace On both selfies there is a young man in the background. And it looks strangely like the same young man who beams in the background of the two photographs.

In the interview with The Mirror, Sharon said that she was quite unsettled that the selfies not only looked exactly the same with blonde trio but also featured what appeared to be the same man in the background.

“I was looking through photos on Saturday night and realised that both photos were similar, then I looked closely at the photo bomber and became a little freaked out!”

“I posted it on Facebook in case I was imagining it and had a lot of comments from people remarking how weird/strange/freaky/bizarre/odd the photos were and that it looks like the same lad!

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“We’ve looked at them for hours and he is certainly very similar, it’s very bizarre!”

Although it hasn’t been confirmed that it definitely is the same man, the resemblance is definitely very strong.


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