'They had a bond that couldn't be broken': Nine-year-old boy sensed his identical twin's death before it happened

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12 February 2015

Even before he heard the police sirens in the distance, Zachary Brown knew his twin was in terrible danger.

Hours before his brother was hit by a car and rushed to hospital, Zac, from Kirkcaldy in Scotland, had a premonition about his identical twin's death.

'He knew before anybody else knew. He knew'

Logan (9) had left home a few hours before to go visit a friend. “I knew that Logan was going to see some friends," his mother Sionaid Brown (31) told The Daily Record. “He came in and told me and so I said, as always, to make sure he was back before dark."

But shortly after, Zac was in a panic. "He said ‘Mum, you need to go find Logan’."

Sionaid and Zac spent two hours looking for Logan, until police arrived to break to awful news: Logan had died from his injuries at Victoria Hospital.

“He knew before anybody else knew. He knew. They were so close," Sionaid told the paper.

The two boys were so similar, even grandfather Robert couldn't tell them apart. “If they were standing in front of me right now, and I wish they were, I’d still not be able to tell you which was which."

“I know twins are always close but these two had a bond that just couldn’t be broken.”

Police are investigating the incident, and have asked locals with any information to come forward.

Sources: The Mirror, The Daily Record

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