Thieves will need lots of toast after nabbing 6 000 tins of baked beans

By Charlene
04 November 2013

These guys must’ve been really hungry. Thieves stole more than 6 000 tins of baked beans while a lorry driver was asleep and police have now appealed to people to look out for the foodstuff being sold on the black market.

The night-time raiders snuck into a huge white Scania vehicle while the motorist was sleeping as he was parked up in Worcestershire, south west England, and grabbed a pallet-and-a-half of the baked beans and sausages tins.

Police are now hoping to catch the crooks by appealing to people to lookout for baked bean tins being sold on the black market.

A spokesman said: "Police are appealing for information, especially about anyone trying to sell large quantities of Heinz baked beans in suspicious circumstances."

- Bang Showbiz

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