Things are getting wild at The Wild

By admin
01 April 2011

While the station is preparing a glamorous premiére party at Montecasino on Sunday night, the actors are up in arms about a clause in their contracts, leaving M-Net with their hands full just trying to keep the peace.

Actor Tony Kgorogo, who was going to play one of the lead roles, objected when he found a clause in his contract stating that he won’t be paid for repeat broadcasts.

He took the matter to the Creative Worker’s Union. They insisted on changes to his contract, but they couldn’t reach an agreement and he was replaced by another actor, Putla Sehlapelo.

But that didn’t end the unhappiness on set. M-Net is now trying to placate the other actors who are also now objecting to the clause.

M-Net spokesperson Lani Lombard says they used standard contracts and the actors are well paid.

“It is a lovely programme and we are definitely going ahead with it,” she said.

But whether all the cast will be at the opening party remains to be seen.

The Wild starts Monday at 6pm on M-Net. The show is about the loves and lives of three families and is set against the backdrop of a game reserve.

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