Thinner . . . after three months of McDonald’s!

By admin
18 January 2014

Eating only McDonald’s for three months and still managing to lose weight may sound like wishful thinking but that’s exactly what happened to US science teacher John Cisna.

John embarked on the experiment with the help of the learners in his science class and lost 16kg in three months. He also had a lower cholesterol count than before scoffing down McDonald’s meals for three months.

But don’t be fooled into thinking you can achieve the same results by indulging in as many takeaways as you like. John limited himself to about 8 300 kilojoules a day and tried to stick to the recommended daily requirements for protein, carbohydrates and fat. Using the nutritional value info on McDonald’s website, his learners devised eating plans for him to follow.

“I can eat any food at McDonald’s I want as long as I’m smart for the rest of the day with what I balance it out with,” he told KCCi News. He was also quick to point out he not only ate the healthier options such as salad. “I had the Big Macs, the quarter pounders with cheese. I had sundaes, I had ice-cream cones.”

John also made an important lifestyle change by going for a 45-minute walk every day.

“The point behind this documentary is that hey, it’s choice. We all have choices to make. It’s our choices that make us fat, not McDonald’s,” John said.

Watch the KCCI News video here:

- Suzaan Hauman


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