This 14-year-old's breakup texts are downright brutal

By Samantha Luiz
04 May 2016

Oh, to be young and to feel love's keen sting.

In a series of screenshots that have since gone viral, Twitter user Annie Williams shared how her little brother Liam broke up with his (now) ex-girlfriend over text messaging.

As if breaking up with his girlfriend via text wasn't bad enough, the 14-year-old went on to ask her a question that sent the internet into overdrive.

It all started when Liam's girlfriend 'Loz' texted him, "Why was you speaking to Jess today? xxxxxxx".

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When he responds by saying Jess is his friend, she pressed for more details, asking if he fancies Jess more than her.

"Dunno cba with a relationship though xx," responds Liam.

Well that escalated quickly.

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"Do you not want to be with me anymore? Xxxxxxxxxx" asks Loz. "Nah not really sorry xx," says Liam, still signing off with kisses (??). But we digress. After the break up and a couple of crying emoji later, Liam goes on to ask Loz if she has Jess' number. Really Liam?

The tweet, which Annie shared on Saturday, has since garnered more than 8000 retweets and 11 000 likes on Twitter.

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