This 19-year-old is the world's youngest billionaire

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03 March 2016

She's not even out of her teens yet, but Alexandra Andresen (19) from Norway is worth an eye-watering $1.2 billion (R18 billion)


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She and her older sister Katharina (20) own shares in Ferd Holding company, which their dad transferred to them in 2007.

But Alexandra is no party-going, yacht-hopping socialite.

While she isn’t sure about everything the future holds for her, she’s clear about one thing: “Having money isn’t enough to to be successful.” And Alexandra would know. She’s already been Norway’s junior dressage champion three times and over the past year carved out a career as professional dressage rider. In an interview on 20 September 2015 with Eurodressage, a magazine dedicated to this highly skilled form of horse riding, she says she’s always wanted to be a better rider. “This is what I want to do for the rest of my life: horse riding!” Since she was very young Alexandra has had a special bond with animals. Her family were always were surrounded by animals, in town and in the country. She captioned a photo shared on Instagram as follows: “We usually took our ponies, Pinocchio and Spike, along to the island where we had a summer house. They ran around freely on our property.”

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The young woman’s billionaire status became known in 2014 when the Norwegian government published annual tax figures. Until 2005 Alexandra’s family were active in the tobacco industry under the Tiedemanns tobacco trademark as part of the Ferd investment group. That year the company sold its tobacco shares to Scandinavian Tobacco Group for almost $500 million (then R3 billion). Although Johan Andresen still controls the company, he transferred a 42 percent shareholding to each of his two daughters, Alexandra and Katharina. Alexandra was just 10 years old then. A recent photo shared on Instagram has the heading “The Ferd owners”.

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Today Alexandra’s dad runs a hedge fund investment company but exerts no pressure on either of his children to work in the company. It seems Alexandra also is close to her mom, Kristin. She also shared these two photos on Instagram.

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Alexandra admits that her family’s wealth has made it easier to pursue dressage. Her own conduct is everything but that of a spoilt brat, though.

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She drives secondhand cars and saves. “I’ve always saved,” she says.

“I save when I get my weekly allowance, and also the cash prizes I win in competitions. Also if I get money for my birthday. That means I can buy things I really want for myself, like a handbag or a pair of shoes, without asking my mom or dad for money.”

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