This 89-year-old is looking for work because he's 'dying of boredom'

By Petrus Malherbe
03 December 2016

Most of us can’t wait to retire and enjoy the leisure we’ve longed for for years. But one elderly person believes retiring is for the birds.

Joe Bartley, from the town of Paignton in England, who recently celebrated his 89th birthday, says he was dying of boredom after he retired. That’s why Joe recently placed an advertisement in the local newspaper. “Work wanted. Senior citizen. 89 years old. Seeking work in the Paignton area. 20+ hours a week. Can still clean, do light gardening work, DIY projects, anything.”

In case anyone doubted his competence he added: “References available.”

According to Metro he was tired of sitting at home doing nothing. Joe says it feels as if he’s been living in solitary confinement since his wife died two years ago.

He says he was always active and rarely watched TV. “I enjoy reading but you can’t do that all the time,” he says.

He would like to work for about five hours a day, enough to pay his rent.

Joe retired at the age of 83. He had made sign boards for most of his life.

“At present I’m living on a state grant but I’d prefer to earn my own money like I’ve done all my life. In this regard I’m old-fashioned,” he says.

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