This artist's 3D sketches look so life-like you'll want to reach out and touch them

By Litaletu Zidepa
09 August 2016

Nope, that's not actually a frog sitting on his desk!

Nope, that's not a frog perched atop his desk! This artist has left all of us scratching our heads with his three-dimensional art.

Nikola Culjic created these incredible 3D masterpieces by putting pencils, markers and pastels to paper.
"I am a self-taught, 30-year-old guy from Serbia. Actively engaged in drawing less than 3 years," he wrote on BoredPanda.
When he started scribbling, people raved about his sketches, Nikola revealed, but he wasn't too interested in the past time.
"I started drawing portraits and it was hard... so I decided to draw something different."
So he started experimenting with shadows and perspective, perfecting the techniques until it looked as though his creations were leaping off the page.
Although his 3D illustrations have gained him fame on Facebook and Instagram, the artist told Mashable that his goal is to make his name "a brand for 3D". Interestingly, he's not selling his work.
"Inspiration is everywhere," he says, "you just need to catch it."

Sources: Instagram, BoredPanda,

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