This beauty tutorial parody is the funniest thing you'll see today

By admin
14 August 2016

Yep, completely relatable.

Although YouTube beauty tutorials make applying make-up seem easy, the reality is far more terrifying.


Fed up with the hypocrisy of these beauty tutorials, Twitter user @morgaaanhanbery uploaded her own "bullsh**t beauty tutorial".

And it's hilariously honest. With a bit of foundation, she starts off the tutorial by letting her viewers know that "we're just gonna pump this sh**t." "I don't know how much I'm pumping. I'm just going psycho on my face." Like we said, completely relatable.

The parody has since gone viral, garnering more than 60 000 retweets and 93 000 likes in less than a week. Oh, and she's quite the seasoned artist herself. "I actually do like doing makeup," she captioned one photo showing her winged eyeliner on fleek.

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