This Big Brother contestant tried to twerk on live TV - and failed spectacularly

By admin
18 July 2016


NSFW. Big Brother UK contestant Lateysha Grace suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when she tried to twerk on live TV. The 23-year-old was speaking to Big Brother host Rylan Clark about her shocking exit from the show when he dared her to show her sexiest dance move. Before the actress, who calls herself the 'Welsh Beyoncé' could stand up to the challenge, her dress split open, leaving little to the imagination.

But, the reality TV star said, things could have been worse as she had contemplated wearing underwear.

“About 30 seconds before I was due to enter the BB BOTS studio I had a little pose in a full length mirror in the disabled toilets, the lighting in there was awful so I decided against a selfie, but I could see a big panty line from my thong,” she said.

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“I hate VPL and so I was about to whip my knickers off and go without, because it was a really long skirt, so no one would know any different, or so I thought.

“Imagine how 'shamed' I'd be if my actual whole bum was out, I think I would have died in Rylan's arms, she said before adding: 'Also, thank god I shaved those legs,” she adds. Read more: Woman mysteriously ‘disappears’ on live TV The video shows the TV personality screaming with embarrassment as she fell on the sofa, trying to cover her modesty. She later took to twitter to talk about her not-so-great national TV moment, and let’s just say there were a lot of peach emojis.

Sources: Mashable, EliteDaily, MailOnline

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