This brave boy (12) saved his friend from a runaway car – but he broke his spine doing it

By Samantha Luiz
25 January 2015

A 12-year-old boy has been hailed a hero after he risked his life saving a friend from a runaway car.

Dylan Graves, from Bradford in England, and his friend James Yeadon (11) were walking home when the older boy spotted a car speeding down the hill. Before the vehicle could hit James, Dylan pushed him out of harm's way, taking the full force of the crash in the process. The impact also left him trapped underneath the car, with two broken bones in his spine, a fractured pelvis and a bruised lung.

“The car had gone into him and crushed him into a fence and a bush," explained Dylan's mom Natasha.

“The feeling was horrendous. I just looked up at the sky thinking that he was dead.

Fortunately, Dylan was still alive but the collision had left him in an "awkward position under the car".

Emergency services were called and they managed to free Dylan before rushing him to hospital.

"He is a walking miracle to come out of this," said Natasha.

“He was very brave and is amazing. He was quick-thinking. He jumped high and pushed his legs towards the car."

The small boy, who was released the following day, will need about 12 weeks to make a full recovery.

"Dylan is a very active boy who takes part in boxing and dancing so being off his feet is very hard for him. I just hope he is able to fully recover and no long term damage has been done."


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