This could be the biggest dad parenting disaster of the year

By Pam Magwaza
05 April 2017

A dad, a toddler and misplaced hair clippers — something was bound to go wrong. Right?

A dad, a toddler and some hair clippers — what could possibly go wrong?

We've seen all the memes of dads looking after toddlers with disastrous effects, but this one really takes the cake!

It seemingly wasn't long before things went humorously wrong for this dad who was looking after his toddler son while his wife was working night shift. In a hilarious series of text messages — which were uploaded onto image-sharing site Imgur by a user named Cla55icalLiberal — the dad tries to explain what he's done while his wife gets angrier and angrier.

She could tell something wasn't right from the start:


The dad tries to soften her up but she's already smelled rat:


Let's just say "upset" is an understatement.


She gets even angrier when he refuses to pick up the phone and blames the situation on her:


We have a feeling this dad is just making things worse here:


"My baby looks like a potato!":



The toddler is visibly upset by his new look but "super dad" has another plan:


But it was too late:


Mom's freaking out but dad actually thinks it looks pretty cool:


But this sneaky dad had a little secret for her:

Dadcutsboyshair11He was pranking her all along!


The dad gets to keep his head, the child gets to keep his hair and the mom gets to keep what's left of her sanity.

Source: Imgur , Viral Thread

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