This could be the most brutal breakup ever

By Samantha Luiz
04 February 2016

Breaking up is never easy, but we try to be at least civil about it, right?

This guy didn't get the memo. It all started when a guy named Ally left a bouquet of flowers on his then-girlfriend's house doorstep. He then sent her a message instructing her to look outside for her surprise, texts he playfully signed with an 'x' and a heart emoji. Her excitement at seeing the flowers is short-lived when he tells her to read the note inside.

In the unpleasant note, he breaks up with her, writing that "there is no way you would ever be my forever."

"Don’t try to message me because your number is blocked,” he adds.

"im actually crying at my friends break up (sic)," said Georgia Hampshir on twitter, a post that has since garnered 13 000 retweets and 14000 likes.

"This a bad way to break up. Unless he/she has betrayed. And thats mt opinion," commented a user known as Chili Cate.

Another commented: "why do i find this break up cute."


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