This couple found the sweetest way to make their long distance relationship work

By Samantha Luiz
12 January 2015

Long distance relationships are never easy.

Just ask Mikki Miller.

The graphic designer, from Minnesota, in a long distance relationship with Tyson Noël, who is from Canada.

While visiting her boyfriend, she came up with a genius idea to make the distance less painful when she went back home.

When Tyson wasn't looking, she hid a suitcase filled with intimate letters for every occasion- whether he's feeling nostalgic, frisky or up for some cheesy cuteness.

It was only three days later that she told him to check under the side table in his room.

“You know how I wish I could be there for days like today?” Mikki texted.

PHOTO: Imgur PHOTO: Imgur

“Like when you come home tired from work and I want to give you a hug? Or when you’re feeling lonely and I can’t actually be there? Go move your tripods and look under your side table.”

Tyson shared the sweet gesture on Imgur where it has been praised by people around the world.

PHOTO: Imgur PHOTO: Imgur

One user commented: "MARRY THIS GIRL".

PHOTO: Imgur PHOTO: Imgur

100 points for Mikki!

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