This couple tried to reenact the Dirty Dancing lift scene for their wedding – and it went horribly wrong

By Robyn Lucas
15 July 2017

This was a real knock out performance!

Baby runs to Johnny and leaps into his arms while he lifts her up in the air – that Dirty Dancing movie moment is probably the most iconic scene of the last few decades.

But for Andy (51) and Sharon Price (52), things didn’t go as planned when they tried to reenact the scene.

In fact, the couple ended up injuring each other so badly they were rushed off to hospital in an ambulance.

The lovebirds were practicing the dance move at the Cabot Court Hotel in Weston Super Mare, England, for their upcoming wedding, in the hope they would wow their guests with an impressive sky lift.

The pair are huge fans of the 80s movie and have watched it more than 30 times – so it’s no wonder they wanted to recreate the romantic moment on their special day.

But unlike Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, they didn’t nail the lift. Instead of being held up gracefully in her beau’s arms, Sharon ended up on the floor winded, and Andy completely knocked out.

At first, their family thought they were joking but eventually called an ambulance after seeing how seriously hurt the dancing pair was.

“Our family thought we were just messing about,” says Sharon, “but they soon realised we had actually really hurt ourselves.”

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A spokesman for the ambulance service confirmed to Metro News that a man and woman were taken to Southmead Hospital in England with head and back injuries.

“It’s fair to say it didn’t go to plan,” says Sharon. “When I ran at Andy he tried to lift me, but we just collided.”

Hopefully, the dance-mad duo opted for a gentle waltz or something safer on their wedding day.


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