This dad wants to tattoo one of his twins so he can tell them apart

By admin
29 February 2016

“I want something permanent. I could have lost both my sons.”

It can be extremely difficult to distinguish between identical twins when they're babies, but this dad is having a particularly hard time of it -- especially since he needs to give one of them medication every four hours.

The father, believed to be from America, recently shared his plight on Reddit, where he explained why it was so vital he tell the one-year-old boys apart.

After an almost-fatal incident he believes he has the solution: having one of his sons permanently tattooed. He says he and his wife have tried everything to distinguish between the boys, from koki pens to nail polish, but in vain.

One of the boys, Aaron, suffers from serious health problems and must receive medication every four hours.

“If he doesn’t receive his medication the results can be serious. The boys are completely identical. Even my wife and I can’t tell them apart. Every day we mark Adam’s arm with a permanent pen,” he says.

But this logical way of distinguishing between Adam and his sick brother Aaron led to an unexpected incident.

“The twins visited their granny and the mark on Adam’s arm washed off in the bath. Their granny accidentally gave Aaron’s medication to Adam, who became ill. Aaron had to spend a week in hospital.”

The father says he and his wife have tried nail polish, armbands and certain colours. At one stage they even shaved one child’s head.

Now the only solution they can come up with is to tattoo Adam.

“I don’t want to have to say so but that’s where we are at the moment,” the dad says.

All his attempts to distinguish between the children have failed and he’s asked Reddit users to suggest a more permanent solution. He agrees a tattoo could be a bit drastic and he doesn’t know what else to do.

Some Reddit users said tattooing wasn’t justified while others said it was, given the seriousness of the situation.


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