This elderly hoarder collected so much junk it spilled out onto the street

By admin
11 September 2015

An 83-year-old man named Xu, from the city of Qingdao in eastern China, is in trouble after the mountain of rubble he’d been hoarding over the years started spilling from his flat, blocking the entrance to the building.

The pile of rubble, estimated at 20 tons, consists of things Xu had collected over many years. He apparently even took home rubbish he’d picked up on the street. According to reports in local media the man’s children thought he was recycling until they realised the rubbish is simply piling up.
'His family are very worried about him'

“The old man isn’t in the best mental state,” a neighbour said. “His family are very worried about him. We’ve been neighbours for a long time and understand that. When he’s in a better condition we try to tell him not to keep collecting but the next day he’d go back to his old habits.”

Xu has apparently been collecting rubble for the past decade, but this week his kids had had enough and decided to put a stop to their dad’s obsessive hoarding. They called in a clean-up team which took two days to remove the 20 tons of rubble.


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