This girl got a knife tattoo on her arm - and her dad's reaction is pure gold

By Litaletu Zidepa
04 June 2016

"Parenting done right, I say"

When 18-year-old student Marie Venezia got a knife tattoo on her arm, her dad’s reaction was not entirely what she had anticipated. The art student told Buzzfeed that the first time her dad Rick Venezia saw the tattoo, he was “very irritated and grumpy” with her. But in true dad fashion, he found a way to mock her. "My dad finally found out about my tattoo and won't stop giving me s*** for it", Marie shared on Twitter, sharing photos of her posing with knives on his arm and check.

Now a viral meme, Twitter users and parody accounts have managed to put their own spin on the picture with some users adding the caption “Me as a parent” and “Parenting done right, I say”.

The picture has been retweeted over 63 000 times.

The visual art student said her dad has a bright sense of humour and is just a “super cool guy”.

We think it's safe to agree.

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