This Golden Retriever puppy with braces is making everyone smile

By Mieke Vlok
02 March 2016

Before you ask – doggie braces are a real thing, and it seems little Wesley really did need them.

Were you teased and taunted as a teen wearing braces? Not this adorable pup!

Wesley, a six-month-old Golden Retriever of Michigan in the US, sports a unique set of braces and couldn't be any cuter.

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His owner, Jim Moore, is a vet specialising in dentistry and had to help realign Wesley’s bite because he apparently couldn’t close his mouth properly, experienced pain and was eating with difficulty.

“Orthodontia in pets is normally not for aesthetic purposes,” Moore explained on his Facebook page after sharing pictures of Wesley showing of his braces. “We do it when we have concerns about a pet’s health.

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Fortunately Wesley needs to wear his braces for only a few weeks and Moore says the dog’s adjusted well to his new dazzling jaws.

“And he loves the attention!” he added.

If you’d like to spruce up your doggie child’s smile, it will set your bank balance back quit a bit, says Dr Gerhard Steenkamp of VetDentSA in Pretoria which specialises in animal dentistry.

“At the moment we’re the only two dentists in SA who do these procedures,” Dr Steenkamp said. We usually polish and extract deeth. Orthodontia in pets is quite rare.”

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He explained that the costs involved depend on the animal’s size and age, the kind of orthodontics they require and how may times they need to be anaesthetised.

He also points out that vets don’t perform any procedures without sound medical reasons. “It’s done to relieve pain and help the animal. It would be unethical to do it for aesthetic purposes.”

Sources:  BuzzFeed, Harborfront Hospital for Animals’ Facebook page.

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