This grandmother wrote the best resignation letter

By Nombulelo Manyana
12 May 2017

Marlene even signs off with a “cheerio” and a “yee ha”.

Marlene was absolutely tired of her job and now her boss Mr MacGillivray knows it!

Kaitlyn McGrory's grandmother was so sick of her job that she decided to resign and she gave her former employer the resignation letter we all wish we could write. Kaitlyn from Glasgow claims her grandma wrote this stunning resignation letter and shared a picture of it on her twitter.  

"The joab's crap and am leaving. I'll no be back after June 30th. Canny wait.

"Good luck in getting some other mug to clean the place. Cheerio, Marlene."

Marlene even signs off with a “cheerio” and a “yee ha” a the . As of yet, it remains to be seen how Mr MacGillivray will react to losing Marlene.

Would you do this?

Sources: Metro UK. Viral Thread. Telegraph.

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