This guy had the perfect comeback when he was sent home from work for wearing shorts

By Kim Abrahams
23 June 2017

He wasn't going to take this one lying down.

There’s nothing quite like the summer sun after a cold and gloomy winter.

While South Africans gear up for an icy winter, up north they're experiencing quite the opposite.

England is  braving a sweltering heat wave (the last time temperatures soared this high in the country was in June 1976) so it’s understandable that those living there would opt for as little clothing as possible.

One man decided to ditch his formal office wear and dress in something a bit more weather appropriate.

Joey Barge from Buckinghamshire, in southeast England, headed to work in navy blue shorts and a black shirt. Expecting his office attire wouldn’t be well received, Joey shared a picture of his outfit of the day on Twitter, captioning it: “If women can wear skirts/dresses at work can I wear smart shorts like so?”  

Apparently not. Because less than 30 minutes later Joey tweeted that he’d been sent home.

But the call centre worker wasn't going to take this lying down. He returned home and put on a dress – he was going to air his legs one way or another!  

      The 20-year-old’s pink and black T-shirt dress made an impact, and Joey claimed a victory (albeit a small one) when the company he works for tweeted that male employees would now be allowed to wear shorts provided they were black, navy or beige and three-quarters in length. His thread was a hit and his followers had nothing but praise for the strong-willed employee.        


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