This guy learned the hard way that you REALLY shouldn't leave your phone lying around at work

By Lauren Klaasen
01 February 2017

This will probably make you rethink that notifications screen...

Messages that were intended for an iPhone owner became public knowledge after Scottish writer Kat tweeted an image on Saturday captioned, “Someone left his phone at my friend’s work”.

Unfortunately for the poor chap, there were a few rather embarrassing messages waiting for him -- and the notifications screen meant that any nosy passerby could have a good look without even unlocking the device, The Mirror reports.

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Naturally, said nosy passerby wanted to share their colleague's shame with the world, and posted a snap of the hilarious messages on social media.

phone The image revealed a missed call from his mother, followed by some expletive-laden WhatsApp messages from the owner’s mom and another message from Gaz who, according to The Sun, is his brother. The pic spread like wildfire on Twitter, having garnered a whopping 25 000 retweets and 67 000 likes in a matter of days. "People who have followed me because of Gaz and his missing sausage, I'm afraid I have no update as to whether he managed on just two," Kat responded to curious commenters.

She later discovered that the sausage in question was Quorn meat substitute sausage, apparently "rendering it even more absurd".

Sources: The Mirror, The Sun, Mashable

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