This guy lied about being able to play the piano on his CV – and it backfired spectacularly

By admin
06 September 2016

If you're going to lie on your CV, at least make it believable. Right?

This guy clearly didn't get the memo. Twitter user @Shimz_Afc shared how his friend's lie backfired on him. "My friend lied on his cv that he mastered the piano at age 15 and now he's been asked if he can play for the board of directors on friday," he tweeted.

"Man has been sitting in the car for the past half hour googling "the most painless way to break your fingers."
In response, several Twitter users suggested ways the poor guy could get out of his predicament. "Say that a traumatic experience relating to public performance has left him unable to play in public," suggested one user.
Another commented, "dude has to fall down some stairs right now."
In an ideal world, the friend would have simply owned out to the little lie and suffer a little embarrassment. In an ideal world. Instead, the unnamed friend used carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition that causes numbness and weakness in the hands, as an excuse.

It's too late, he's in too deep.

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