This guy lost 118 kg in just two years

By Nombulelo Manyana
24 April 2017

It all started when a neighbour bought him an XXXXXXL t-shirt. It didnt fit.

It all started when a neighbour bought him an XXXXXXL t-shirt. It didn't fit.

At the age of 16, Dylan Condron from Waterford in Ireland was jobless and living off of an unemployment grant. He told South West News sevice (SWNS) he basically just sat around at home doing nothing but eating.

"It was comfort eating, it was like a spiral – I eat, I put on weight and I eat more."

"I’d always eat crisps and bread and have dinner and then I would have a sandwich before I went to bed. I would have two toasties in the night before breakfast in the morning – a foot-long roll with fried chicken."

"I stayed in my room all the time because I was afraid of what people would think of me. Deep down, I knew that I was dying."

By the age of 19 he weighed 203 kg but things only changed in 2014, when a neighbour brought him a blue t-shirt and it didn't fit at all.

“My neighbour brought me a t-shirt back from her holidays and it became the straw which broke the camel’s back. I looked at it and it was six XL and it was still tight on me."

“I was thinking at the time f**king hell, jeez, this is too much. I was getting bigger and bigger every day.”

That's when he switched to a high-protein diet combined with a “caveman” gym programme and has since dropped to almost half his original weight in just two years.

"It started slowly, and so did my eating habits. With my family's support I kept up the exercise and the new food regime and things began to work and I started to see a change," said Dylan on his GoFundMe page.

19488402_1492508684.9497_funddescription Dylan Condron after losing 118 kg

Now Dylan has found love, works as a chef at Number 9 restaurant in Waterford and plans to study Culinary Arts at college later this year.

He has kept his XXXXXXL shirt in his bedroom as a reminder of how far he has come.

“It’s kind of something that keeps me on my path,” he told SWNS. “If I have a bad day I look at it and ask myself this is why you did it.”

He started the page as a way to get money to remove the excess skin which he says serves as a reminder of his past.

"My life has changed but I have a fairly large reminder of how I used to be -- a lot of excess skin, which really affects my confidence."

The operation will cost R141 456. He says when all he said and done, he just wants to be an inspiration to other.

"I want to be able to help and inspire others who are heavy and are embarrassed to leave their houses every day. I want to be able to tell people that it's possible to change."

"I would be so grateful to anyone who can help me finish my weight-loss journey."

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