This guy recreated his niece's baby pics using a cat

By Samantha Luiz
07 December 2015

“They both like to eat off of and crawl on the floor."

Gordy Yates and his twin sister Meredith are complete opposites. He's a single guy currently living in Taiwan and enjoying travelling the world. On the other hand, she's a married mom of two.

Happy Monday from my body to yours. #mondaymotivation #hongkong

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Every year on their birthday, Meredith gets her brother a "cool" present. He's never gotten her anything. "And I’m the worst brother because I never get her anything for her birthday," Gordy wrote in his blog. "Generally, I don’t get someone a birthday present if they live far away, so I usually don’t get her ANYTHING even though she always gets me something."
But the travel buff decided to finally do something nice for their 28th birthday this year. He recreated 28 of her Instagram posts using neighbour's cat. “Which wasn’t weird at all since I’m new to the area and am just getting to know people.”
But why a cat? “They both like to eat off of and crawl on the floor, they both like to bite me, they’re both really small, they’re both really hard to control, and I can’t give birth to either of them,” he said. Lucky for him, Meredith, loved it".


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