This hotel has a room service robot called Aura – and she's seriously cute

By Nadim Nyker
28 February 2017

The best part? She actually has a personality. 

Singapore hotel M Social has introduced a robot that drops off toiletries, bottled water, packed meals, towels.

The best part? She actually has a personality.

#i asked an adapter and this lil creature brought it to me#cute#auratherobot#noraknyakampungan#msocialhotel#

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Named Aura, 'she' was introduced in December due to to the Singapore hotel industry suffering from a manpower shortage.

On their website they state that "Aura helps to optimise operations, boost productivity and lift guest experiences to a new level."

And that it does, with guests allowed to give Aura orders.

Developed by robot manufacturer Savioke, she is the first robot outside of the USA who works alongside people in busy environments.

According to their CEO, Steve Cousins, “You put something in Aura, tell her where to go, and she will go there to deliver it, and then return to her docking station by herself.

“AURA, can operate and ride in elevators, navigate her way to a guest’s door, let them know that a delivery has arrived (guest phone rings), and then open its lid for guests when they answer the door,” he said.

This seems like just the beginning for the robot in hotels, with guests overjoyed with Aura's presence.

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