This incredible wedding dress is made entirely of cake

By Samantha Luiz
14 April 2016

In this case, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Although no one will ever be lucky enough to wear it, the astonishing 'Weddible Dress' is a sight to behold.

Created by London-based cake sculptor Sylvia Elba, Yvette Marner, founder of Fun N Funky Cakes, and artist Ilinka Rnic, the astonishing cake took 300 hours to complete.

And it shows in the detail.

Almost two metres tall and weighing a whopping 70kg, the edible dress has a fitted bodice, a full ruffled skirt, and is embellished with 3kg of delicate lace detail, and edible silver beads.

As if that wasn't indulgent enough, the cake is iced with 35kg of fondant.

“I always liked wedding dresses, and this is how the idea came to my mind,” Sylvia told the Daily Mirror.

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