'This is the biggest lie I've ever told'

By Kirstin Buick
01 December 2015

Can you believe people actually fell for these fibs?

Redditors are confessing their biggest fibs!

A user  on the social sharing site asked fellow commenters to share the biggest lies they've ever told -- and unleashed a tirade of hilarious, shocking and bizarre responses. Can you believe people actually fell for these porkies?

"I used to work at Walmart and they wouldn't let me take a week off to go on tour with my band (even though I had enough PTO days [leave]), so I told them my gramma died and took my legally obligated bereavement time. Boss told me the timing was convenient and I said, "how dare you accuse of lying about my grandmother's death, she was a saint." I could tell I really made him feel bad, he apologised several times before I left, and even gave me a raise not long after I returned (which I deserved anyway, but still).

I haven't worked there in many years, gramma's still fine. I don't even feel bad." 

-- gourmetprincipito

"When I met my girlfriend I told her I smoked, because I thought it'd make me look cooler (Yes I know it's a dumb thing to say) and that I would stop if she didn't like it. Three and a half years later and she still thinks I quit for her. I feel like such sh*t whenever the topic comes up and she tells me how proud she is of me but it's gone on for so long I just gotta smile and say 'It was nothing'."

-- Smiling_Sock

"My parents are in the healthcare industry and are friends with a guy who sells a very specific type of equipment that they purchase frequently. He's also a professional hypnotist. Every Christmas, he holds a hypnotism show and my parents have always attended. One year, when I was ~15 or so, they decided to bring me. Of course, I was picked to be hypnotised on stage. I've never been successfully hypnotised before, so I tried my best to 'get into it' while on stage and it never worked. They were also having a hard and stressful winter season at work, so maybe part of me wanted them to have a good time at the show.

I'm ashamed to say that I faked being hypnotised and it was just... ugh. I cried on stage about having a fake puppy taken away, pretended to be a baby, and said some ridiculous things to keep up the illusion. Of course, my parents taped the whole thing and sometimes bring it up at house parties and stuff. I can never tell them and will take the secret to my grave.. except for sharing it all with Reddit."

 -- barnburning

"I told a girl I was being deployed and didn't want a long term relationship."

-- MarinePrincePrime

"Told the girl I loved I was dying. She eventually found out and we haven't talked since. 

Looking back I should've gotten help."

-- Starshipkoala

"I'll get over you if we just cut each other out.

Still think about her every minute of every day, and 500 miles doesn't seem so far anymore."

-- idiotic_sociopath

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