This is what happens when you jol with South Africans, Ed Sheeran

By Kirstin Buick
12 February 2016

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Jack Parow!

Last night the local rapper shared a screen grab of one of British crooner Ed Sheeran's tweets, in which the muso shares his experience of meeting some South Africans at a house party in London.

Apparently the locals were quite a cheeky bunch too -- they clearly had a fantastic time teaching Ed local slang and swear words.

Even though the popstar tweeted this all back in 2010, it's 100% real. You can see it on Ed's feed here.

It's since been retweeted almost 3 000 times (probably by South Africans having a chuckle at his expense).

It's not clear if Ed knew quite what he was saying...

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