'This is what it was like to meet my birth parents' - Adopted kids share heartrending stories

By Robyn Lucas
08 July 2017

"She had my hair. She had my eyes. She had my laugh."

It's only natural for children who were adopted to be curious about their birth parents are and want to track them down.

And if they are lucky enough to reconnect, their reunions can make for some really feel-good stories.

One Redditor asked fellow users who are adopted to share their reunion stories. Here's a look at a few:

Here are a few amazing encounters:

Reddit user, Incasinoouts12, said that he never really got along with his adopted family because they never had anything in common. So when he met his biological parents for the first time, he understood where he got all his traits from.

“My adoptive parents aren't really like me at all. I like heavy music, art, booze, and tattoos. My biological parents, however, are exactly like me. So meeting these people that I've never known, and watching how they act, what they like, and the overall sense of feeling like I'm home is unlike anything I've ever felt before. When I visit them, we both notice the little similarities we share. That feeling is indescribable.”

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Another commenter, ryouchanx4, explains how a language barrier couldn’t stop her from bonding with her biological mom.

“I was 14 and had the opportunity to visit my birth family in Chile with my mother who adopted me. We searched for them based on a 14-year-old address. It was amazing. We couldn't speak Spanish but she just knew who I was, we didn't need words or anything. There was so much hugging and crying and happiness.”

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 Madnamam revealed how nervous she was when going to meet her biological mother. When they met in a parking lot, they immediately embraced each other. She also discovered that she had two half sisters.

“I was at work when I received a call with the finalised plans for us meeting for the first time. I wanted to meet her but the realisation that this was actually going to happen was overwhelming. I went to the bathroom and cried because it was too much to process. The adoption agency suggested a restaurant for us to meet at. I first saw her in the parking lot. We hugged. She had my hair. She had my eyes. She had my laugh. It was surreal.”

Sources: reddit.com, viralthread.com

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