This just isn’t Justin Bieber’s year

By admin
13 March 2013

We pulled together a rough timeline that explains exactly why this is probably the Biebs’ worst year ever.

We all have a bad day every now and again or a crappy week or a difficult month. But, geez, it seems as if poor Justin Bieber is fighting an uphill battle against 2013. It all started at the end of 2012 when his longtime relationship with girlfriend Selena Gomez reportedly came to an end and he got snubbed by the Grammys. Here’s a timeline of Justin’s most disastrous year so far:

1 January: A paparazzo gets killed while in pursuit of Bieber's Ferrari. The photographer is struck by another motorist while trying to get a snap of Justin in his white sports car. It turns out Justin isn’t even in the vehicle. 4 January: Photographs surface of Justin reportedly smoking marijuana with friends in a hotel room. After TMZ publishes the pics he takes to Twitter to apologise: Everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up (sic).” 8 January: Two of Selena Gomez's co-stars in her new movie, Spring Breakers ? James Franco and Ashley Benson ? humiliate Bieber by posting a parody of his video for the song Boyfriend on WhoSay. Franco apologises afterwards. As if that wasn’t enough: Internet pranksters use photos posted of the increasingly tattooed Bieber and his alleged drug use to start a viral campaign urging young fans to cut themselves in protest of his bad behaviour. 10 February: The Biebs, who didn't receive any Grammy nominations, tries to divert attention away from the show by promising a live webcast just as the show kicks off. Unfortunately, too many people get excited and the website crashes. Also on Grammy weekend: Bieber's fans become engaged in a Twitter feud with the award winning-group The Black Keys after their drummer disses Bieber to TMZ, saying Bieber should be happy he has tons of money. The Biebs is so unamused he tweets drummer Patrick Carney should be "slapped around".

Late February: Details of a murder plot to kill Bieber go public. According to reports the inmates at a New Mexico prison’s plans to kill the Beauty and the Beat singer were quashed in December.

5 March: Bieber reportedly hits the stage for his London concert two hours late, although he later claims it was less than half that time. He also blames “technical issues” for making him late on stage at The O2 arena in London. Loads of angry fans and moms leave poor Justin red in the face.

7 March: During another concert Justin has trouble breathing and then faints on stage. He leaves the stage for about 20 minutes, but returns to finish the set. He heads to hospital afterwards, although within hours he assures Beliebers he’s feeling better by posting a pic of himself recovering shirtless on Instagram. 8 March: Bieber attacks! The teen is videotaped confronting a mob of paparazzi with a pretty hectic choice of words, and has to be restrained by a bodyguard when he lunges at the group. 12 March: Justin makes a pit stop in Amsterdam during his world tour, and a source claims he was spotted smoking marijuana at a coffee shop. Biebs apparently visited a coffee shop called Easy Time, and according to a source smoked a joint and ate a pot-laced treat known as "space cake". Sources:, TMZ, E! News 

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